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Can a bicycle replace your car

2019-08-27 Glenminimalism

Do you really need a car? When adding up the cost of fuel, depreciation, insurance, maintenance and registration, the true cost of owning a car can easily exceed 1000’s of dollars every year. Money that could be better spent on a holiday visiting the pyramids in Egypt or a pacific island of your choice. A growing number of people are moving away from cars. Turning to the humble bicycle as a primary means of transport. Rather than seeing it as a sacrifice. Many are discovering that the slower pace of a bicycle brings a greater joy to their travels.

Cargo Bikes

Cargo bikes like the Yuba Mundo V4 are incredibly versatile. They can easily carry enough shopping to feed a family (cargo limit 200Kg/440 llbs). Yet are a joy to ride on a saturday afternoon. The extra long wheelbase of the yuba mundo makes it an incredibly stable and forgiving.


Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes like the Bacchetta Bella make long distance riding more comfortable. There is no strain on riders wrists or neck and the seats are as comfortable as car bucket seats. They are perhaps less suited for carring heavier weights up hills. But are typically faster than diamond framed bikes on the flats. A fairing offers some protection from weather. The bella below has been setup for touring.


Riding in Winter

One of the hardest aspects of riding is dealing with bad weather. Its far more comfortable to drive in a car that is heated to our perfect temperature. But if you wear suitable clothing it can be tolerable. Keeping your head warm and dry is often overlooked - instructable.

Electric Motors

If you like the idea of bicycle’s but worried about hills then consider an electric bicycle. Some electric bikes can climb hills effortlessly. Its a matter of choosing what suits you needs. Given the myriad of options from hub to mid-drives available, it can be pretty daunting to new commers. Guru’s at the forum at Endless Sphere is one of the best places to ask advice.


Car-Free Living
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